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Go to App Design & Development Competition

App Design & Development Competition

Students form teams within their high schools and build an app from scratch to compete against other schools. The teams are mentored by professional developers and designers and will pitch and demo their work to a panel of judges.

Go to Lessons, Workshops & Camps

Lessons, Workshops & Camps

We have programs for Design Thinking and Coding (either separately or integrated) at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Go to Industry Partnership

Industry Partnership

We partner with industry professionals and local tech companies who give back to the community either through mentorships or sponsorships.

73% of all job growth in STEM between 2014 and 2024 will be in computer occupations (U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics)

What we do

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Real world tools

Real world roles

Real world processes

Experienced professionals mentor students using the same design, coding, testing, social media and project management tools used by industry.

Students in teams take on various roles (such as Designer, Developer, Quality Assurance, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Videographer and Social Media Manager) and perform their respective duties.

We follow the Design Thinking Process to expose students to ideation, empathy, wireframe prototypes, user experience and usability testing.

We follow the Agile Software Development Process to build the software iteratively, allowing for rapid feedback and quick adjustments to changing market conditions and developments.

We dispel the notion that App Development is just for geeks. Whether the student's strengths are in coding, or art, or marketing, or finance..., they can still play an important role.

We show students, teachers and parents that even though the jobs of the future may not yet be defined today, embracing technology and adopting a mindset of continuous creative learning is a key to success for 21st century careers.

  • The human touch: product design, customer requirements, user interaction, user experience, emotional connection

  • Making it work: analysis, breaking down the problem, software architecture, coding, logic, algorithms, iteration

  • It does what it's supposed to: testing, usability analysis, edge-case scenarios, robustness, performance

  • All the pieces are working together: planning, scheduling, contingencies, adjustments, reporting

Who We Are

Our Team

Kitty Chan

Designer Mentor
Kitty leads the creative vision and branding at Procurify. Initially a graphic designer, she now focuses on UI/UX and believes that design should be a catalyst for conversation, inspiration, and storytelling through meaningful interactions.

Holly Cheng

Developer Mentor
Holly is a full time developer at a progressive creative agency. Having worked on various national, provincial and even government campaigns, she has learned that everything in code has its place.

Crystal Chow

Designer Mentor
Crystal is a passionate maker, creator and designer who actively looks for ways to give back and propel others within the community.

Ronald Ho

Developer Mentor
Ronald is a full stack programmer with a keen interest in social issues such as globalization, development and urban studies. Ronald takes inspiration in being able to use techniques and processes that humanize technology.

Kelvin Lau

Developer Mentor
Kelvin is a Swift iOS developer involved with a variety of projects: Freelance work with startups and agencies, writing books and tutorials at, managing the Swift Algorithm Club (a popular open source repository), and entrepreneurship.

Vanessa Lew

Designer Mentor
I’m a happy UX hybrid passionate about user research + usability testing, with experience in interaction design, interface design, and facilitating Design Thinking sessions.

Justin Lim

Designer Mentor
Justin is a product designer at a communication technology startup. He enjoys working on the entire product development cycle; from process, ideation to development.

Daniel Mathews

Developer Mentor
Danny is an iOS/Android developer and entrepreneur. Currently he is working on an app for people that love podcasts called Echo Podcasts. Prior to founding this company, Danny worked for Hootsuite.

Renee Ng

Designer Mentor
Renee is an UX designer with an extensive knowledge in user research and user interface design. She is passionate about digging into the thought process of users and using that data to create truly delightful user experiences.

Nathan Ngai

Designer Mentor
Nathan illustrates extensive knowledge in areas of information architecture, user experience and user interface design. He has gone through many industries while actively working in the UI/UX field.

Carly Orr

Carly loves seeing students succeed and get excited about technology. She is an instructor in the School of Computing at BCIT, and has previously worked as a teacher in K-12 and as a computer engineer in the industry.

Tahra Priebjrivat

Designer Mentor
Tahra is a fulltime UI developer. She is passionate about solving user experience problems. This fall she will be attending Emily Carr University of Art and Design to advance her design skills.

Mayra Pulido

Designer Mentor
Mayra is a Product Designer with a passion for Interaction Design. Wireframe maker and Prototype ninja.

Brenna Randlett

Designer Mentor
Brenna Randlett is a leading product designer focusing in user experience and user research. As the organizer for Ladies that UX Vancouver – she’s continually looking for new ways to help mentor and bring the design community together.

Steve Sun

Developer Mentor
Steve is currently an iOS Developer at Hootsuite. He is passionate about software development and interested in teaching and helping others get into Vancouver’s thriving tech industry.

Roland Tecson

Developer Mentor / Director
Roland is a software developer and executive with 25+ years experience in the technology industry, having developed and deployed numerous mobile apps and network systems.

Grace Tsang

Grace was a 3-term Richmond School Trustee and is currently president of the Richmond Sunset Rotary Club. Grace has volunteered with Rick Hansen Wheel In Motion, BCIT Alumni Association, Mt. St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, and the Richmond Youth Concert Band.

David Tsui

David is a Trade Commissioner with Global Affairs Canada focused on clean technology. He spent a decade supporting the Tech ecosystem in Vancouver and understands firsthand the importance of helping the next generation develop digital literacy – including his own three kids!

Adrian van der Est

Developer Mentor
Adrian is a Software Developer in Test at Ping Identity where he builds tools and automated tests to ensure the quality of large-scale SaaS security products.

Cynthia Zhou

Dr. Cynthia Zhou has a PhD from UBC in Computer and Electrical Engineering and is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) by APEGBC. She lives and volunteers in Richmond.

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BC's Tech Sector: workers earn 75% higher than the average worker, leads the country in job growth, and employs more people than mining, oil and gas, and forestry combined (BC Stats, Profile of the BC High Tech Sector, Jan 2017)

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